From time to time, the French speaking Canadian province of Quebec has a referendum about independence – should Quebec be independent from the other parts of “her majesty’s domains” ?  And in every referendum made, the independentist lost (obviously…).

On the last one, though, a movement started on Canada’s public opinion. A movement to make a referendum on the other provinces to ask people if they want  Quebec to be a part of Canada, since they have doubts about being Canadian. It was the last time I heard anything about Quebec independence, about 20 years ago.

Today someone published a poll about the repetition of the latest Greek elections and that poll gives the victory to the anti-euro left radicals Syriza. Everybody knows the consequence of a Greek exit from Euro zone, it will represents a tragedy for the Greeks. It will be bad for the other Europeans, but it will be a tragedy for the Greeks. Nevertheless, if they have any doubt about that, perhaps it is time for the other Europeans to make a referendum about “Should Greece be in the Europe?”