I moved away from physics 20 years ago, when I was a trainee researcher at a molecular physics lab in Lisbon, Portugal. A lot of reasons and circumstances drove me to that, but, mainly, I never thought that I could grow from there to anything decent. Since I had some skills in optoelectronics at the time, I went  to military industry to work with combat simulators. From EPROM programing to IT was a small jump and I was lucky enough to get into two starting up industries, IT consulting and investment banking, at the same time, and forced to learn both simultaneously. And I got good on both. Better said, I got good in the “middle”, on IT development in investment banking. And many new things got out of my work, because I could think on both subjects I at the same time. And then I become independent, started my own company, teaching people that they could be good in more than one subject at the same time, that “knowledge doesn’t need space”.

This professional path, in many ways unique due to the circumstances of life, lead me to be passionate about new things and to believe that anyone can reach that point where financial wealth can be built from knowledge. So I started a new personal project of building financial models based on quantum and statistical mechanics, understanding the uncertain world based on uncertain frameworks. And this blog is all about it. Understanding the uncertain world with an uncertainty framework. This is the place where I will put my thoughts, my readings and my writings.